Wrapping In Plastic Wrap – The Best Way To Burn Fat, Lose Weight And Detox Your Body!

Many individuals wrap their body in foil or plastic wrap in order to cleanse their body, to lower their weight, to improve your skin’s health, to enhance the function of the sweat glands and the blood flow, as well as to obtain rid of the poisons and the harmful compounds from the body. You can cover your body in many methods.

Here are two of them!



Covering with honey

Take some honey, put it in a bowl and heat it. After that, include one egg yolk and a few drops of vital oil in it (you can use orange, lemon or jojoba necessary oil). Smear the mix on the areas you want to cover (thighs, abdomen, arms …) and then wrap a plastic or household foil above it. Put some winter clothes on you over that and cover yourself with a blanket, and stay like that for about an hour. Take all these things off of you when the time is over and rinse off the mixture from your skin.

Covering with clay

This is among the most efficient methods for removing cellulite and burning excess fat from your body. This is so because the clay includes plenty of microelements that are actually advantageous for your body. Take some blue clay (not much) and add some warm water to it, until it ends up being thick as a paste. Then, when the mixture is done, smear it on the locations you like to improve and wrap a foil or plastic wrap around them. Put some warm and winter clothing over it and remain like that for an hour. You can likewise do some workouts in the meantime if you wish to get the best results possible. Do this two times a week.

When you are wrapped, it is simpler for your skin to obtain the microelements then, thanks to them, it ends up being smoother, gentler and more versatile. It is recommended that you scrub your body prior to applying the wrappings.

Caution: if you experience heart problem, heart disease, an increased blood pressure or you have prevalent veins, do not attempt these techniques !!!

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