Warning: Shocking Toxic Chemicals Found In Tea

Highly poisonous compounds like fluoride and some pesticides were found in lots of tea brands like Yogi, Tea Strength, Lipton, Celestial Seasonings, Allegro, Mighty Leaf, Tetley, Tazo, Trader Joe’s, Teavana, Bigelow, Twinings, Republic of Tea.

The harmful compound in question is the synthetic Fluoride, not the natural calcium fluoride. The amounts of these substances are hazardously high, which means that drinking cheap tea is similar to eating waste food.

Inexpensive Tea Consists of Fluoride and Pesticides

Taking into consideration that most of the teas are not being washed before drying and packing, so those that are not organic are full of pesticide remains.

There are even carcinogen tea brands, containing these substances above the limitations allowed by the EU and the United States. Nevertheless, much of them declare to be organic and devoid of pesticides.

Warning Shocking Toxic Chemicals Found In TeasA study discovered that the fluoride from this tea is at a really high level that may cause bone tooth, kidney problems, and cancer. This study was published in the Food Research study International journal.

These low-cost tea brand names include about parts per million (ppm) of fluoride, while the allowed level is 4ppm. The built up fluoride in the body remains for several years, particularly in the bones.

So how did fluoride enter into tea?

Fluoride is amassed in the tea plant during its growing. Therefore, the older the plant is, the more fluoride it includes. Teas made from older leaves, which have more fluoride, are less expensive than those made of more youthful leaves.

Likewise, smaller leaves consist of more fluoride, and they are found mainly in low-cost teas.

And what about decaffeinated tea?

Even greater levels of fluoride are discovered in decaffeinated than in caffeinated tea.

So exactly what is the option? Should you stop drinking tea all together? No!

  • First, when buying tea, select the ones with loose leaf and brew them from scrap. Also, prevent purchasing tea in a bag since as much as hassle-free and fast to prepare it appears, it contains low quality leaves richer in fluoride.
  • Use white tea, due to the fact that the concentration of fluoride in white tea is smaller.
  • Make sure you purchase organic tea, cultivated more sophisticatedly and more mindfully, starting from the water they use to every other element of growing.

Source: livingtraditionally


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