You Can Treat Asthma Without Inhaler With Only Simple Diet Changes!!!!!

The duplicated attacks of coughing, wheezing, and shortness of breath and breathing troubles is what asthma attacks include. This occurs when the air pathways are unclear and this can often even cause suffocation. Asthma is typically specified as chronic inflammation and thickening of the bronchial tubes.

However, many asthma clients utilize inhalers, but these inhalers are full of steroids and cause additional health issues because of the various chemicals they include.

The first thing a person struggling with asthma who wants to prevent asthma attacks has to do is to eat healthily and thus get rid of the swelling of the airway, minimize the allergy responses, thin the mucous in the lungs and open the air that promotes the attacks.



In order to remain healthy and prevent asthma attacks, you will need to avoid any food that can perhaps cause these attacks. You should avoid the following kinds of food:

– salt and monosodium glutamate (because they increase the limitation of the bronchial tubes that the histamine causes)

– soft drinks

– citrus fruits

– alcohol in its unadulterated form

– the following veggie oils, including corn, safflower, and sunflower oil, given that they can trigger swelling

– animal products such as meat (pork, mutton, beef, Chicken and fish), eggs, dairy products, cow milk etc

The list of food you ought to take in:

– pungent, hot food like garlic, onion, chili peppers, spicy mustard etc

– fruits and fruit juices which contain vitamin C and anti-oxidants in terrific amounts

– brewed coffee (not a processed coffee or immediate coffee) which contains caffeine, or tea which contains theobromine

– fish oil, because it is plentiful in omega-3 fats, made from tuna, salmon, and mackerel

Here are other foods that you might utilize

The most highly recommended food you need to take in order to prevent asthma attacks is the food rich in beta-carotene and vitamin C. This food increases the lung capacity and decreases the respiratory troubles.

You need to consume raw carrots, or blended in a juice, with few ribs of celery, and so on in addition, the professionals and the nutritionists recommendations you to take in cucumber, fennel, spinach, wheatgrass, watercress, cilantro, tomato, pumpkin, beetroot, kale, radish, capsicum, lemongrass, ginger root, strawberry, pomegranate, guava, blueberries, cranberries, soursop, pineapple and so on the food you take in needs to be abundant in chlorophyll since it promotes detoxing of the colon and the liver.

Here are some recommendations:

– a fourth of pineapple + one fennel + 3-4 radish (pungent) + half a lemon + 8-10 leaves of kale

– One shot (one oz) of wheatgrass juice + some squeezed lemon juice

– Two green apples + a bunch of spinach + a bunch of parsley + a fourth of lemon + 6 ribs of celery

– two cups of strawberries + one pomegranate + one cup of cranberries

– Three sticks of lemongrass + half a lemon +one cucumber + 2 beetroots of medium size

– 2 capsicums (either yellow or red) + one 4th of pineapple + one cucumber + half a lemon + half a bunch of watercress

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