Make Sure Your Thyroid Is Getting Enough Iodine With This Simple 24 Hour Home Test

The thyroid is a gland in a shape of a butterfly and its typical weight is less than an ounce. It is positioned I the front base of the neck. The hormonal agents the thyroid secretes take part in the development, the advancement, improving the metabolic process and preserving the body temperature. Whether it functions effectively or not depends upon two minerals: iodine and manganese. The more vital of the 2 is iodine, which is accountable for the correct thyroid function and its health. We present you an easy test that will help you find if your body has enough iodine to stabilize the secretions of the thyroid.

Take iodine tincture and place a stamp on the size of postage on the inside of your wrist. If the brown stain vanishes in 24 Hr or even less, it is an indicator that your body lacks iodine to stabilize thyroid secretion. Even pharmaceutical thyroid medication won’t be utilized by your body due to the fact that of the lack of iodine.



  1. The very best time to do this test is the morning after you have actually taken the shower, however, it is not obligatory.
  2. You should use an iodine tincture to paint a postage square size stamp on the within your wrist
  3. You can discover the tincture in any drug store or drugstore. The original color of the option ought to be orange, don’t buy a clear service.
  4. Keep in mind at what time you painted your wrist, and even much better, compose it down.
  5. Observe the pigmentation the spot goes through over the next 24 hours


Usually, if you have a greater requirement for iodine, then your body will draw the iodine faster.

  1. If the patch begins to lighten after 24 Hr, the level of iodine in your body is normal
  2. If the spot vanishes, nearly or entirely, over 18-24 hours, you have a moderate absence of iodine
  3. If the patch disappears, nearly or totally, over 12-18 hours, you have a moderate lack of iodine
  4. If the spot disappears, almost or totally, over 6-12 hours, you have a severe absence of iodine
  5. If the patch vanishes, nearly or completely, in simply 6 hours or less, you have a really severe lack of iodine

Repeat Checking

It is suggested that you repeat this test every 1-2 weeks and observe your requirement for iodine. When you reach the normal level of iodine, change the dosage of iodine you take.

You might likewise take food supplements. We can suggest the Requirement Process or Medi-Herb, however, you must first consult your physician. Here are the amounts of iodine in the Requirement Process and Medi Herb supplements:

Thyroid Complex (MH)– 600mcg

Trace Minerals B12– 145mcg

Prolamine Iodine– 3mg

Iodomere– 200mcg

Min-Chex– 300mcg

Cataplex F (tablets)– 95 mcg

Minutes Tran– 50 mcg

Initially Bound Minerals– 250 mcg

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