New Research Finds This Strange Ocean Creature Can Kill 95% Of Cancer Cells

Over the past years, many methods of battling the epidemic of cancer have actually been established. This disease has actually become the most dreadful mankind has actually been faced to. Fortunately, new methods have actually been discovered all the time, and among them, just recently found, is this unusual ocean animal.

The cancer scientists have actually learned that there is a substance, called frondoside A, in the simple sea cucumber, which can eliminate 95 percent of ER+ breast cancer cells, 95 percent of the liver cancer cells, 85-88 percent of the cells of three types of lung cancer and 90 percent of melanoma cells.

This substance, frondoside A, has the ability to kill cancer cells by promoting configured cell death, also referred to as apoptosis. But there is more to it: this compound can also stop angiogenesis, or the tumor’s ability to grow new blood vessels to receive the essential nutrients they grow on. This makes it much easier for the doctors to stop the metastases of cancers and prevent growth cell intrusion.

Frondoside An also stimulates the immune system and thus assists much more in the battle against cancers.

A research study has been performed on mice when they have been given frondoside A, their tumors shrunk by 40 percent in 10 days just. These mice were having non-small lung cancer. If standard chemotherapy was being used in these cases, the growths would have been diminished by 47 percent.

The extract of sea cucumbers is still impossible to find as a regular treatment for any kind of cancer. Nevertheless, in the stores for health and healthy food, there is dried and powdered sea cucumber, and if you do find it, we suggest not to stop using the treatment schedule you currently have or alter it by yourself. You should consult your medical professional about whether you can include the sea cucumber extract or not in your diet, and exactly what is their viewpoint about it and about the combination of the sea cucumber extract and your present treatment.

Source: simpleorganiclife


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