This Man Refused Chemotherapy – He Healed Himself With The Help Of This Simple Recipe!

In 1976, Stamatisu Moraitis was diagnosed with lung cancer, and he accepted the reality that he would die. He was told by 9 various doctors that he has just six more months to live and needs, to begin with, chemotherapy instantly. He refused to undergo this treatment and chose to go back to his birthplace Ikaria in Greece.

At first, he started experiencing depression and he would stay I bed the whole day and his mother and his wife would look after him. But then, a miracle occurred. One day, his will to live exceptionally returned, although he fixed up that he would pass away. He started living his life vigorously. Every Sunday early morning, he would climb the hill to the church, where his grandfather worked as a priest. Likewise, he got much attention from his buddies who had discovered that he has actually returned and they began visiting him. He would spend much of his time speaking with them and drinking in your area produced wine, two bottles of it each day. He was doing this due to the fact that he wished to at least pass away pleased.


In the following months, he started feeling better and stronger. He chose to plant a garden and invest the rest of his days enjoying it. He wasn’t intending to see the fruitage, but a minimum of he would delight in by the sea in the sun breathing fresh air.

After 6 months, Moraitis was still alive. He was gathering fruits from the garden, he was cleaning the vineyard, walking on the coast, and he even started working in his vineyard. He was getting up early in the morning so that he would be out in the sun during the whole day, working and enjoying. He was feeding upon the fruits from the garden he planted. In the evening, he would go to the local bistro and play domino with his pals for a long time.

Even after few years, he was still alive, and what is even more crucial, he was feeling healthy. He even extended his home and added a couple of more rooms in which began producing his own wine, 1500 liters of it.

30 years later on, he turned 97. he went to the medical professional’s workplace for assessments and to see exactly what took place. The doctors that have actually informed him that he had only six months left had all passed away. He outlasted them all, simply by not going to chemotherapy that was supposed to lengthen his life for a bit. The only thing he did was returning back home, in his birthplace. Moraitis passed away when he was 102, healthy and delighted. The reason for his death was simply aging, cancer, according to the assessment results, had vanished.

Exactly what occurred?

The most important thing that ought to be done when dealing with a disease is maintaining faith and will, not taking medications. Another important thing is turning towards nature. That occurred to Moraitis: he returned to Ikaria, placed on the Greek coast, a place really near to nature that has a lot of healthy food. People who live there are never ill from cancer or heart diseases, practically never ever.

People there utilize olive oil, beans, carbs, whole wheat grain bread, and various spices including parsley, oregano etc on a daily basis. They eat red meat as hardly ever as once a week.

Although we are not extremely abundant, our tables are constantly full of food and we are socializing with our loved ones on a regular basis. We do not live a quick life, we work when we can, often overnight, but we do not make a rush. We do not see TV, but rather, we socialize, say the people from the town.

The secret to their healthy life is that they do not hurry through life. They eat and drink healthy active ingredients, homemade ingredients and they stroll every day, up to 20 kilometers. The afternoon is booked for rest. They socialize and laugh and have a good time all the time. They drink homemade wine and consume tea and food that they have actually grown themselves.

1. Rest

Take rest whenever you feel tired. Don’t force your body to be active when it needs sleep. People who take rest in the afternoons for about 5 hours have reduced the risk of heart disease for 35 percent. When you rest, you also reduce the level of the hormone tension.

2. Mediterranean diet plan

Eat homemade, fresh food in great quantities. Lower the amount of meat in your diet, to as soon as a week. Take in grains, seeds and olive oil which are homemade. Attempt consuming likewise homemade bread made of whole grains. Besides vegetables and fruit, do not forget to consume fish.

3. Consume a great deal of tea

It has diuretic features and can extract the toxic substances from the body if it is naturally grown.

4. Be active and invest more time in nature

Take walks regularly, being in the sun, and hang around by the sea and in plant and in the forest. Work, do something and feel helpful and total.

5. Do not hurry and launch the tension and the fear from your life

Hang out with your friends and family, have a good time, laugh, and do not anticipate anything from life, simply enjoy in it. If you can, relocate to a location that is devoid of air pollution and smog, to a place where you are not required to do the thing that does you damage. Do not think about discomfort and other distresses. Live easily, like there is no pain and no stress. Moraitis did this and lived for so long, he even outlasted the people who informed him he won’t live longer than 6 months.

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