This Is The Healthiest Vegetable On Earth And It’s Been Used By The Ancient Greeks, Egyptians And Romans!

It has big nutrient worth due to the fact that of the fact that it consists of more iron than spinach, and more vitamin C than lemons and oranges.

It is a plant that is called watercress (Nasturtium officinale). Although it’s been constantly well-known for its healing properties, this plant was somewhat forgotten. Origin of watercress originates from Eurasia area, however, today it is prevalent and can be discovered nearly everywhere on the planet.


It is called among the earliest plants and its use dates back from ancient history. Numerous ancient individuals were using it in food and treatment of health problems. The ancient Greek doctor and daddy of medication Hipokratcenio recommended this plant for treatment of catarrh of the lungs, tooth pain, illness of the throat, goiter and hoarseness. For the ancient Greeks, Egyptians, and Romans it was known as a powerful tool to bring back power.

The pharaohs of Egypt purchased servants to consume the juice of watercress in order to keep power and productivity. Nowadays the main international study declared this leafy green veggie as the healthiest vegetables in the world, and food number one.

Watercress stops and lowers the oxidative stress, and increases antioxidant result. Watercress impact the exchange of chemical compounds in our metabolism and manages any unbalance that is triggered, which is essential for natural treatments.

Watercress cleans up blood, refreshes, promotes cravings and cleanses the entire body. In Autointoxication– toxemia, it is recommended eating watercress after a long winter season duration. In ancient medicine, the watercress had a terrific impact in treatments as fresh plant or juice. It is suggested to consume fresh juice in 1: 5 ratio, one part juice, and the rest water, since pure juice of it can cause swelling of the stomach and throat. Watercress fresh juice is consumed as a prescription since its daily intake is not recommended and stops briefly are required in between.

It consists of mustard oil that mainly it is performed the kidneys, therefore increase blood circulation and urination, and longer use can aggravate the kidneys. Watercress juice is a popular tool for external usage as in skin illness, skin impurities, and loss of hair by rubbing the juice. Coverings of crushed leaves can lower the sun areas on the skin and can treat scabies, and different skin pollutants.

Scientific studies state that it can stop tumor growth and transition (tested on animals). If we inject the watercress extract into the body, it can assist in the treatment of cardiovascular disease and can stop the spread of breast cancer. At the exact same time, for smokers, it is advised taking a salad of watercress due to the fact that it has an outstanding effect avoiding the hazardous effects of smoking cigarettes.

To prepare the coverings of watercress leaves you to have to grind and shred them so you get a soft mix that can be positioned onto the affected location. Before placing a covering tidy the area with alcohol put the mashed mix and cover. Leave the covering from 2 to 4 hours, and after removing it clean the place and put some lubricant or cream. We use coverings from watercress for various skin impurities, specifically those that come due to the activity of different fungi.

Wash the leaves with water and let them stay in a salty water and vinegar. Then wash again and utilize them in salads. In the salad, you can put sliced garlic, lemon juice, a little bit of salt and pepper and some onions if you desire. Mix the components and delegate remain for about 3 hours.

Consume it as a dietary food according to the disease occurred.


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