Heal Broken Bones And Bruises Faster With This Natural Remedy

Comfrey is a herb well known to the traditional medicine. It is likewise called knit-bone due to its ability to recover when used topically.

This herb contains a chemical active ingredient called allantoin which has extraordinary anti-inflammatory features. In addition, this active ingredient assists the process of healing injuries and sets off cell development.

Still, this herb must not be internally consumed. In some nations, this herb is not enabled to be utilized as a tea or to be applied on damaged skin. The swelling can be minimized and the healing procedure can be accelerated by making a poultice of comfrey leaves.


According to scientists, comfrey has the ability to accelerate the healing process of the damaged bones 5 times.

Ways To Utilize Comfrey for Healing Broken Bones

First dish:

You will require 100 grams of comfrey root, chopped into small pieces. Put the comfrey root pieces in a bowl. Boil a liter of milk and put it into the bowl over the chopped comfrey. Then, put the mixture on heat and let it boil for another twenty minutes. When everything’s cooked, let it remain for 6 hours and after that strain it.

When your mix is ready, soak a cotton towel in it and put it on the affected areas. The first six treatments, the cotton towel ought to be changed every four hours, and later on, it should be done from time to time.

2nd dish:

Chop some comfrey root, about four tablespoons, and put it in a little bowl. Add some boiling milk to it and put the bowl on medium heat. Let the mix boil for a long time until you get a good mixture.

Once the mix is all set, put some of it on a towel and put the towel on the affected area. Do not fasten the towel too firmly, as it might stop the blood flow. Modify the towel every four hours.

3rd dish:

Take comfrey leaves and grind them. The mixture you will get the need to be put on the broken bone. Wrap the mixture and the damaged bone area utilizing nylon.

A Recipe for Recovering Wounds, Swellings and Swelling Faster

These problems can be easily eliminated with the aid of comfrey tincture. Mix a tablespoon of comfrey tincture and a deciliter of boiling water and use it on the area affected.

Where can you discover comfrey?

This plant typically grows in moist soil and you can find it along streams or in some humid meadows. Comfrey is being selected in spring time or at the start of autumn. The herb ought to then be dried exposed to sunlight or on the needed temperature level.

You can also plant this herb in your garden. Do this after choosing it in a soil that is adequately moisturized.

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