Onions Can Help To Cure Many Diseases! Headache Treatment, Cough, Temperature Reduce…

Onion has frequently been an essential piece in our meals, whether consumed raw, in cooking or salads. These natural remedies with onion will help in the treatment of different medical conditions.

Onion layers

Put onion layers on the irritated zones in case of swelling, discomfort in the ears, headache or cold.

Put layers with sliced onion on your legs for high temperature.

Put onion layers with chopped onion on your neck for nose bleeding.

Put sliced onion on the injury if some animal bites you.

For healing ulcer under or on the skin grind onion and blend it with olive oil. Then put it on the locations for 1-2 hours.


Onion juice

Strain the juice from a carefully sliced onion. If you experience pneumonia or some other illness, mix the juice with one tablespoon. of honey and take in 1-3 times daily.

To encourage hair development and avoid its loss, rub some onion juice on your hair for several times a day.

Dilute some onion juice in water and utilize the remedy for a relentless cough.

Utilize the exact same recipe for cleaning up the parasites in the intestinal tracts.

Rub onion juice on the skin for some skin diseases numerous times a day.

Drink onion juice blended with brandy in equal provision versus pains in the stomach and inflamed stomach.

Cooked onions

For ulcers and continuous urinating, slice one onion; mix it with 200ml of water and a tablespoon of honey. Then put the mixture to cook and add some rosemary, 200ml of wine and 200 ml water. Leave it to boil, and take in one tablespoon of the fluid regularly.

Roasted onions

If you have ulcers or injuries, clean the afflicted location and position the earlier baked onions on fat.

You can consume one onion clove, fried with olive oil in the morning and night for blood thickening.

If you have ear inflammation the put a layer of roasted onion and let it stay for about 60 minutes.

Put some leafs of baked onion on the skin surface area for different kinds of tumor.

Source: healthonlinecentral


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