This Is What Happens To Your Face After Washing It With Coconut Oil and Baking Soda!

You probably utilize a facial cleanser every day in order to preserve your skin clean and healthy. Many exfoliating facial cleansers, as well as cleansers versus acne and masks, include little beads for “polishing” the skin by eliminating dead layers, while a creamy and cleansing base should assist hydrate and condition.

Stop spending tons of cash on costly items that may not even work for your kind of skin and make yourself a natural cream in your home using just 2 active ingredients. The active ingredients are quite easy and you probably currently have them in your house: baking soda and coconut oil.


These ingredients can be easily found and are quite effective when it comes to treating bothersome skin. They do not include chemicals and poisonous substances like the cosmetic bought type the stores and they are totally safe for your skin. They might be even consumed, as you already understand. That is why coconut oil and baking soda are the very best items you ought to use when it pertains to treating the body’s largest organ from both the outside and the within.

When integrated, these two components work wonderfully in treating acne, scarring, redness, and eliminating excess dirt, oil, and dead skin. You will enjoy the resulting effects.

Salt bicarbonate, widely called sodium bicarbonate, is frequently used in homemade baked goods, as a deep cleaning and ventilating agent for the family, and as a polishing representative. It can be utilized rather of many harsh and poisonous home cleansers and provide excellent outcomes.

Sodium bicarbonate is typically utilized in the cosmetics also, as deodorant, or for teeth cleaning. Besides being a terrific natural option for many issues, it is also really effective in treating acne. Typically enough, the pH imbalance can lead to skin breakouts. Baking soda is an amphoteric compound and hence it can be used for correcting the pH balance and recovery breakouts.

Coconut oil is also extremely useful, as it has antibacterial, recovery and moisturizing results. It can be used for conditioning, nourishing and calming the skin and its imperfections. Compared to baking soda, it is rather gentler, and that is why these two ingredients ought to be utilized together so that the coconut oil balances the cruelty of baking soda and makes it safe even for the most sensitive skin. Any coconut oil can do, however, the best one is the wet-milled traditional virgin coconut oil.

Ways to Use Baking Soda and Coconut Oil as a Deep Cleanser

You need just two ingredients for this dish:

The amount of the active ingredients you have to use for this recipe depends on your skin type and on exactly what results you are opting for.

If your skin is more sensitive, the ratio you have to use is 2:1 for coconut oil and baking soda respectively. If you wish to get an exfoliator, use a 1:1 ratio.

Just blend together these two active ingredients and apply the mixture to your skin, whether it is dry or wet. You can likewise utilize this mix as a mask and leave it on for a number of minutes and get an even deeper conditioning treatment. You can utilize it for your face skin massage, by using it and after that right away washing it off with warm water using gentle circular motions.

We advise that you prepare just a small amount of this mix, simply enough for one treatment then prepare it again next time you require it.

This is a fantastic, basic, non-expensive and effective skin treatment. Try it and you will see on your own what kind of results will you get.

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