What Happens To Your Body When You Drink Lemon Water First Thing In The Morning

Lemon keeps us healthy!

Lemon is known to be abundant in various nutrients: potassium, magnesium, calcium, iron, vitamin C in great quantities and vitamin B too. It is also understood to have remarkable residential or commercial properties for boosting the immunity and losing weight.

So, if you want your body make the most of the advantages of lemon, you should start consuming lemon water prepared in the list below method:

  • first, start with squeezing half of fresh lemon in a glass of warm water
  • then, drink the water prior to breakfast on an empty stomach

1. Lemon water cleans the body from poisons and free radicals and all other hazardous compounds and helps in liver cleansing

2. The antioxidants that lemon contains aid for cleaning the skin, lower the bacteria from it and thus secure it from acne and other skin damage

3. Thanks to the existence of vitamin C, lemon efficiently fights the influenza or colds and thanks to the presence of potassium, it is fantastic for controling the blood pressure

4. Our brain needs magnesium and potassium for much better concentration, focusing on work and the nerve system also uses these minerals which are present in the lemon

5. The citric and the ascorbic acid from the lemon manage the pH levels in the organism, and therefore avoid diseases triggered by the uric acid

6. Lemon water enhances the food digestion, minimizes stomach pain, burping, bloating and heartburn, and it also cleanses the digestion tract

7. If you consume lemon water, you will prevent dehydration of your body, you won’t lose fluids and you will get rid of the symptoms like tension, tiredness, low or high blood pressure, confusion, and so on

8. The antioxidants from the lemon avoid occurrence of cancer cells

9. Lemon water can also help your body recover from injuries and tension and it likewise strengthens the tissues, the bones, and the cartilages

10. Due to the existence of pectin, lemon and lemon water assistance in the process of losing weight

11. As all other fruits from the citrus household, lemon likewise safeguards your teeth and inning accordance with dental professionals, after consuming lemon water you need to wash your mouth just with distilled water

12. The abundance of vitamin C in the lemon will assist you to feel better in all elements. Specifically, you will become more unwinded and more positive.

Source: www.healthyfoodvision.com


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