Grow Your Hair Super Fast in Only 1 Week! The Easiest Trick Ever!

Every woman’s dream is healthy, long and shiny hair. Still, many women deal with hair fall and can not let their hair grow long.

Luckily, you can fix this issue utilizing this technique at your home and you can help your hair grow longer 2-3 inches in a week time.


The ingredients needed for this goal include olive oil, which is quite valuable as it nourishes the scalp and lets your hair grow faster. However, the sufficient technique includes other active ingredients too which ought to be carefully utilized following this strict method. If you do follow them, you will be very satisfied with the results.

Many ladies have used this trick and shown it to be efficient. This is exactly what you should do:

Washing your hair on a daily basis is not a good idea for your hair. You should let your hair become oily. The suggested frequency of cleaning your hair is every 3 days.

Start by turning your hair down and rubbing your scalp. Do this for four to 5 minutes if you wish to get the very best outcomes. This is the best method to activate the blood flow.

You can use some oil, and if you do, you need to wash your hair utilizing a shampoo after half an hour. this procedure can be done without the use of any oil, but if you do use one, you will get quicker results. Do this with olive oil, coconut oil or some important oil, as these are the very best oils that promote hair growth.

Also, when you clean your hair, utilize a treatment for deep conditioning. A circumstance of treatment of this kind is a mix made of coconut oil and honey.

Additionally, you can prepare a hair mask. For this mask, you will need some honey, some olive oil, and one beaten egg. This mask is going to make your hair amazing. Apply this mask beginning with your scalp to the ends. When you use it to the roots, offer your scalp a little massage in order to set off the blood circulation.

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