Your Fluoride Comes From China! And It’s Laced With Heavy Metals

Have you heard that the most of the fluoride that is being contributed to the water you drink originates from China? The worst part is that it is laced with heavy metals!

The Natural News recently have released a report saying and proving that America’s fluoride ingredients are all imported from China, and they are contaminated with heavy metals.

The water supplies in the United States include salt fluoride ingredients with poisonous elements such as lead, aluminum and tungsten, the Natural News has announced.

In addition, there were likewise discovered strontium and uranium in considerable amounts in some samples, raising additional questions about the tidiness of industrial fluoride utilized for water fluoridation.


Test results

After examining the samples of sodium fluoride obtained from the Chinese suppliers, 6 in total, which the American municipalities utilize, the Natural News lab acquired the following outcomes.

The greatest levels of each harmful metal found in the samples were broken out and then the average contamination levels were listed for all the examined samples.

Highest levels discovered (in parts per billion):

— arsenic: 137 ppb

— lead: 988 ppb

— aluminum: 283,218 ppb

— uranium: 1,415 ppb

— strontium: 9,417 ppb

— tungsten: the existence of tungsten was confirmed in 2 of 6 samples, but quantitative analysis was not conducted on this metal

Average levels discovered (in parts per billion):

— arsenic: 70 ppb

— lead: 299 ppb

— aluminum: 69,364 ppb

— uranium: 239 ppb

— strontium: 1,751 ppb

Everything nowadays, including fluoridated water, is translucent the prism of making a profit, so the companies, trying to make even more money, likewise look for some less expensive sources of fluoride.

Bernard Miltenberger, president of the Distilled water Committee of Western Maryland, warns that the most part of the fluoride contributed to local water products across the United States is imported from China, and it is poisoned with heavy metals.

Miltenberger says that he has gotten in touch with another filtering plant in Maryland and has found that the fluoride they use is likewise imported from China and consists of dangerous heavy metals too.

The data sheets from Solvay fluorides about the material safety show that an amount of five grams of salt fluoride, which is about one teaspoon, can be deadly to a typical size man of 70 kg. persistent toxicity managed oral path can lead to oral and skeletal fluorosis, along with to kidney, liver, thyroid, and testes unclear carcinogenic and mutagenic impacts, fertility and fetotoxic effects.

The government never ever says the fact about the fluoride. They have not even supply any evidence to proof that the fluoride is safe and does not set off tooth decay. Actually, researchers recognize that dental fluorosis is among the impacts of fluoride poisoning.

Fluoride is a derivative of fluorine, a dangerous spin-off of aluminum mining. With 60 percent mark, the United States is on the top of the list of countries that take in the most fluoride.

To compare, 97 percent of the countries in Western Europe have declined fluoridated water due to the tested health dangers.

You most likely have not observed that the toothpaste containing fluoride have a caution that says that individuals who take in more than a pea-size quantity must get in touch with a poison nerve center right now.

Imagine how bad this is, given that we utilize this item every day.

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