Florida Woman Gets Sick, Nearly Dies From Mold In Breast Implants

A woman in Florida has actually ended up being severely ill and has found that her bad condition was due to a mold growing in her breast augmentation.

This is the case of Anne Ziegenhorn of Shalimar, Florida, who started experiencing symptoms in 2011, the ABC affiliate WEAR reports. This woman had never experienced any severe health issues before, and all of a sudden she started gaining weight, began losing her vision and experiencing serious pain.


Even her mental functions started degrading to the degree that she began questioning whether she had Alzheimer’s disease.

She had actually been provided the wrong detect numerous times, and then she finally discovered what the issue was when Dr. Susan Kolb, a professional for breast implants and author of the book “The Naked Truth About Breast augmentation” told her that her illness was brought on by mold that had actually been growing inside her implants.

Ziegenhorn had to remove the moldy implants, and that took place two years after she initially started feeling ill. The female even has a video on her smart device of her implants loaded with mold that was secured to her body. This operation might have conserved her life.

She has informed the WEAR that prior to the diagnosis she was feeling that she was going to pass away, which the physicians were going to permit that.

Doctor Kolb has declared that saline breast implants can trigger various health issue, which can be quite severe. Even about 30 percent of the clients experience harsh reactions.

The medical professional says that she has a 30-year experience and knows that eventually, everybody will become ill from their breast implants, except in cases where they die from something else prior to they end up being ill from them.

The physician also clarified that various patients become ill from mold growing inside the implants because of malfunctioning valves, or due to the fact that of sensitiveness to the cosmetic gadgets’ silicone shells. She advised all females to alter their breast augmentation once in every eight to fifteen years in order to avoid issues like these.

After she found exactly what had actually triggered her condition, Ziegenhorn has actually talked to other people who have suffered similar signs. Together with these people, they have formed the “Implant Reality Survivors Committee”, with the aim to raise awareness of the health threats that surround breast augmentation and to promote the U.S. Fda to take some action.



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