This Exercise Is More Powerful Than 1,000 Sit-Ups: Spare 60 Seconds A Day And You Will Get A Flat Stomach In Only A Month!

Sit-ups are outstanding for toning the abdominal muscles, but it is still the most disliked exercise. However, the fitness trainers declare that there is another workout which is a lot more effective when it concerns flat stubborn belly, and it can change 1,000 sit-ups.

This is a static exercise and it includes your entire body weight laying on your hands and toes, while your body is absolutely straight. There is one guideline: you are not allowed to move your body, not even for an inch. You will tone and flatten your tummy, but you will also enhance your posture and eliminate the pain in the back as the strong abdominal muscles give more assistance to the spine.


Inning accordance with physical fitness specialists, if you do this workout numerous times a week for ten minutes each day just, you will get back to better outcomes than if you do 1,000 sit-ups.

Prior to starting the exercise, you have to make certain that your body remains in the right position. Actually, these are the 5 key points:

1. While pressing your palms tightly on the floor, extend your shoulders as mush as you can. Stretch out your neck excellent and let it and your hands are comfy, not as if they will relax.

2. You should know that the most of the work is performed by your stomach muscles, however, still, your leg muscles must feel tense too. If you do not feel the tenseness in your leg muscles, change your position and place your heels, even more, wile continuing your toes so that the quadriceps are more tensed. Then, compress your buttocks to activate the muscles in the lower part of your body.

3. With your buttocks near the flooring, hold your body in the position of a straight line, not a triangle

4. Inhale and breathe out rhythmically in order to ease holding this body position

5. The most important thing is holding your body in the right posture and you can easily accomplish this if you picture a glass of water you hold on your lower back or a ball rolling from your nape to heel without being stuck in the lower back

  • make sure your back is straight and after that require down your hands and knees on the floor so that your wrists are available in line with your shoulders
  • search for nearly 30 inches in front of you. With your nose towards the floor, position the back of your head in a parallel position to the ceiling
  • stretch your ideal leg backward, having your toes bent. Then, switch legs. At this moment your entire body ought to be resting on your toes and hands.
  • squeeze your stomach muscles and remain like that for about 20-60 seconds.
  • bend your knees and rest on your heels. The huge toes must touch and your knees must be separated
  • bend your upper body to your thighs and touch the flooring lightly with your forehead. Extend your arms out in front of you and loosen up.
  • repeat the workout 3 times in a row. When you end up being used to doing it, constantly increase the time you hold your stomach muscles compressed.

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