When He Got Diagnosed With Stage 4 Cancer, His Son Suggested That He Try THIS And It Worked!

Did you understand that you can use something very easy, like baking powder or sodium bicarbonate for dealing with cancer? As incredible as it might appear to you, this holds true, and Vernon Johnston is among the lots of who represent living proofs for that.


He was struggling with aggressive stage-4 prostate cancer which had actually even metastasized into his bone matter, and thanks to baking soda and molasses, he managed to recuperate.

His Child’s Guidance

When Vernon got the medical diagnosis, his child suggested that he first raises his body’s pH levels, as cancer can not prosper in high or alkaline pH. After a while, Vernon satisfied Larry, the male who suggested that he uses cesium chloride in order to raise his pH levels into a high alkaline level physiologically.

After the diagnosis, Vernon chose not to use the damaging conventional treatments, but to try alternative treatment rather. This is why Vernon bought the cesium chloride he was advised to, however sadly, his order got lost in the mail.

Lastly, Vernon decided to discover another source of raising his pH levels into the alkaline range, and after a while, he handled to do so. Particularly, he found out that baking powder, or bicarbonate of soda, in combination with maple syrup is a very effective treatment.

Vernon replaced the maple syrup with the molasses that were at his hand and started consuming this remedy, becoming more and more anxious to kill cancer before it eliminated him.

Vernon’s Miraculous Results

The whole procedure of the treatment of Vernon was recorded in a dairy by himself. He provided the treatment the name ‘the last dance with cancer’. The regime consisted of a great diet to support alkalinity along with mineral and vitamin supplements, along with regular direct exposure to the sunshine.

He also practiced breathing workouts to assist increase the oxygenation begun by the sudden pH increase from sodium bicarbonate. It is a well-known fact that anaerobic cancer cells do not endure oxygen.

According to the medical specialists, the cancer cells grow on fermenting sugar instead of breathable oxygen for their survival. That is why the maple syrup is used– given that it acts like a Trojan horse to permit high pH bicarbonate of soda to enter the cancer cells and shock them with an unforeseen rise of alkalinity to oxygenate them and add to their death.

This is why Vernon used molasses rather of maple syrup, as molasses likewise work and really wind up making a more solid mineral base for his nutritional assistance. The experts advise that a person uses more than one protocol if they do it this alone in your home.

Keep in mind that part of any alternative cancer therapy consists of abstinence from sugars and processed foods, as these foods particularly sugars fuel the cancer growth and development.

One month later on, Vernon got a medical test that validated his complete turnaround of prostate and bone cancer. His story from 2008 was published in a regional Anza location California paper, The Valley News, in 2009. Vernon is still alive and able to retell his story by himself.

Over 100 years, people use numerous alternative cancer treatments and solutions. There are some more well-known option cancer treatments that begin becoming public practices, and ones which are affordable and non-toxic and slip by the Medical Monopoly nearly unnoticed, as they represent a threat to the medical establishment.

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