CDC Warns: Hair Bands From China Made Of Used Condoms, Could Spread STD’s

As a buyer, you constantly have to take care and try to acknowledge some possibly harmful items that you might be purchasing for yourself or for your liked ones.

The Center for Illness Control (CDC) has warned that the hair ties in the U.S.A that originate from and are made in China can be possibly harmful. Namely, it is thought that they are made from a disconcerting product which could actually spread sexually transmitted illness to the people that manage and use them.


The thing is the hair ties are said to be made from used prophylactics.

Some regional beauty salons in the nation and some swap fulfill and flea markets have actually purchased these hair ties and offer them even more to clients and users. This is really hazardous, as these can spread out AIDS, genital warts, and other STDs. As the CDC states, these hair ties and rubber bands made from utilized and unhygienic condoms consist of a fantastic amount of germs and possible viruses, even 4 times the germs found in a public bathroom toilet.

Also, there is the risk from AIDS, herpes, warts, and other venereal illness. Particularly, this illness can be transferred by holding the elastic band or the hair incorporate the mouth while setting the hair. This is why there is a warning issued by the CDC which says that the consumers should avoid purchasing items that are being made in China.

A female from Los Angeles has bought some hair incorporate a local beauty salon, but after she found out that she had, in reality, purchased used the prophylactic product, she got disgusted and horrified.

Shantea Green, the female who learned about this once she purchased the hair ties was appalled and she describes how amazing this appeared to her. She took the scissors and watchfully cut around the edges, to see that inside there was a used prophylactic. She was really horror-struck, and for that reason wants to get the word out so individuals stop using the hair ties made from China.

If you are one of the numerous individuals who has actually purchased these hair ties made in China, you must toss them away quickly. They can result in dispersing of some illness.

Always examine your equipping products. Hair ties and elastic band can be a fantastic one unless they are made from made use of prophylactic and they are potentially harmful to you and your close ones also.

Source: naturehealthandbeauty


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