Burn Your Bras Right Now Ladies – This Is What Scientists Found!

For those who did not know, October 13 is called ‘National NO bra day’. The reasons this day was created and created are promoting breast cancer awareness and raising a loan for more looks into.

There are people who are pro bras, and those who are con. Bras are regularly marketed for giving support and reducing the sagging of breasts, to name a few things.

Bras– UNDER FIRE– Why?

Bras were clinically proven to be hazardous and not helpful at all for the breast health. Jean-Denis Roullion is a sport science scientist that performed a fifteen-year study on the impact on women aged in between 18 and 35. the research study results revealed that using bras at young age does not have an effect on breast support. This researcher likewise discovered that not just does not wearing bra support the breasts, but it likewise has opposite effects, stating that there was 7mm lift in the nipples of females who did not utilize bras. In time, bras even reduce blood flow in the breasts and reduce their tone.

To BURN or NOT to BURN your Bras?

The women in the study who experienced an enhancement in nipple lift were those who did not wear bras, by their own will. Another medical professional, who did not take part in those study, declared that if females did not use bra, they might really increase collagen production and flexibility, which would then contribute to an enhanced lift in the breasts.

This research study ended up being quite engaging and scientists still warn people to take it with a grain of salt. This is since of the fact that the study that showed that bra usage can be potentially damaging was made on 330 women just, so generalizing to every women over the world would be a bit of a stretch.

Hence, let’s summarize: according to researchers, more research on the harmful results of bra use is needed. Moreover, do not forget that not all ladies wear bras for breast support. Many females wear bras so that other people do not see their exposed breasts and nipples, which is totally different purpose than the one pointed out in the research.

Well, our guidance is that you let the scientists and the researchers do their tasks and believe when again before you burn your bras right away.

Source: healthylifevision


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