Your Body Is Acidic. How To Alkalize Your Body Naturally (The Truth Behind Cancer That You Will Never Hear From Your Doctor)

Dr. Otto H. Warburg has actually discovered that the very best way for alkalizing the body is by utilizing lemon and baking soda. Dr. Warburg is the winner of the Nobel Prize for his development in the field of medication, which exposed what the true reason for cancer is. Medical professional Warburg mentioned that oxygen deficiency is the primary factor that contributes to the emergence of cancer.


Oxygen insufficiency causes the acidic state of the body. Medical professional Warburg has likewise found that cancer cells are really anaerobic and can not grow when exposed to high amounts of oxygen, among the major characteristics of the alkaline state.

All normal, healthy cells require oxygen for making it through, which is something the cancer cells vary by. Cancer cells, on the other hand, can survive without oxygen. If you get rid of around 35 percent of oxygen of any cell, it will transform into a malignant one just after 2 days.

The appropriate maintenance of our body’s pH levels depends on what we take in our body every day. pH balance remains, in fact, the balance between the alkaline and the acid content in the body cells, as well as in the body fluids.

The body needs to achieve the best balance for the pH level of the blood so that it stays healthy. This level has to do with 7.365, suggesting that it is a bit alkaline.

Nevertheless, all of us know that the traditional diet plan of people, including the people in the U.S.A nowadays includes various hazardous foods that contribute to the acidic state of our body. In this group of foods are included the refined grains, the processed sugars, the GMO foods etc.

The resulting acidic pH values are extremely hazardous to our health. The imbalanced pH levels of the body interrupt the typical function of the body cells.

In case that someone’s pH is extremely acidic, many health issues may take place to this person, including osteoporosis, heart problem, diabetes, heartburn, cancer. This type of state likewise speeds up the aging process substantially.

Inning accordance with Robert Young, the greatest part of health problems results from the acidic state of the body. This type of state is exceptional for numerous bad germs, viruses, yeast, parasites and other threats to prosper in, while they can not prosper in the alkaline state.

The alkaline state reverses the activities of these threats. The question that logically follows is: exactly what we can do to alkalize our body?

If you manage to keep the pH balance of your body intact, you can keep your body healthy.



— The third teaspoon of baking soda

— 2 tablespoons of newly squeezed lemon juice (or apple cider vinegar of organic origin)


Put these 2 ingredients together and mix well. You will get an acid-base combination which is going to start fizzling at the beginning. This is perfectly regular, so you do not need to worry about that and you need to continue pouring the baking soda till the fizz stops. In the end, add eight ounces of water into the mixture.

Consume this mixture simultaneously. It is an extremely powerful homemade natural remedy that will help you restore your body’s pH balance and create an alkaline-friendly environment in the body.

In addition, this remedy is going to help you in the fight against stomach acid and it will reduce the acidosis.


Source: healthyfoodhouse


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