She Ate This Remedy Every Day! THIS Is What Happened To Her Cancerous Cells

What if somebody told you that there are lots of non-toxic, inexpensive and effective cancer treatment alternatives that the medical market aims to reduce? The factor behind it is the fact that a cancer treatment is a Big Pharma/AMA trillion dollar golden goose!

As Dr. John Diamond, M.D. made known, a research study of more than 10,000 patients had actually found that chemotherapy’s apparently strong performance history with Hodgkin’s illness (lymphoma) is in truth a lie. Patients who had gone through chemotherapy had fourteen times increased the threat of developing leukemia and six times increased risk of establishing bones, joints, and soft tissues cancers compared to patients who had not gone through chemotherapy.

A highly certified expert on cancer, Dr. Glenn Warner, who is now deceased, had actually used non-toxic, alternative cancer treatments on many patients of his, and those cases of treatment had actually achieved success. Before he passed away in 2000, he had offered his clever remark that the multi-billion dollar medical market eliminates people, right and left, just for making a profit. This industry has been aiming to validate which poison and in which amounts is needed, whether 2 doses of this poison is better than 3 doses of that poison.


Is the raw, natural honey effective in treating cancer? In the book Honey Revolution by Dr. Ron Fessenden, it is explained how the flower flavonoids in honey consist of bio-flavonoids that are basically anti-oxidants. When consumed, they act promptly and increase the level of antioxidants in the cell and decrease the capillary permeability and fragility. They hunt the oxidants and stop the damage of collagen in the body.

Individuals from Big Pharma are acquainted with the power of raw honey’s flora-flavones and their capability to eliminate totally free radicals and to enhance the immunity. Really, all pharmaceutical companies are currently investing millions in the production and the patenting of the artificial versions of these flavones.

In a current research study released in the Molecules journal under the title “Results of Honey and Its Mechanisms of Action on the Development and Progression of Cancer,” it was stated that honey is highly cytotoxic versus cancer or growth cells and it is non-cytotoxic when it comes to typical cells. Inning accordance with the information, honey can stop carcinogenesis by regulating the molecular procedures of initiation, promo and development phases. For that reason, it can work as a potential and promising anticancer representative, even though further experiments and medical studies are required.


1. Cell cycle arrest: the replication of the cancer cells is hindered.

2. Activation of the mitochondrial pathway: flavonoids are able to activate the mitochondrial pathways and get rid of the proteins like cytochrome C, thought to be possibly cytotoxic agents.

3. Induction of mitochondrial external membrane permeabilization (MOMP): honey sets off the MOMP or an “outflow of intermembrane area proteins into the cytosol”, causing therefore death of carcinogenic cells

4. Induction of set cell death (apoptosis): honey promotes the “cell death shows” of the cancer cells

5. Modulation of oxidative stress: honey can serve as an antioxidant by lessening oxidative tension, which is a typically reason for cancer

6. Amelioration of swelling: honey has anti-inflammatory homes. There has actually been a link in between the persistent swelling and cancer

7. Modulation of insulin signaling: cancer has likewise been related to insulin resistance. Honey decreases the risk of cancer by decreasing insulin resistance.

8. Inhibition of angiogenesis: honey avoid growths from making their own blood supply by preventing angiogenesis (production of new vessels for blood supply)


The scientists at the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) in Maryland published a research study in 2005, where an incredible discovery was made. It was found out that the typical spice cinnamon can be thought about as a medication and is able to kill cancer cells.

This study has used a water-soluble, powdered extract of cinnamon bark, which was injected into growing cancer cell cultures. As in all studies of this kind, the researchers have used cell lines that are either real cancer cells properly maintained for lab usage, or they develop cancer cells by means of various chemicals, viruses, and radiation.


This research study used 3 types of human cancer cells: one lymphoma and 2 leukemia cell lines. Leukemia is the expansion of deadly blood cells called leukocytes and lymphoma are the malignant attacks of lymphocytes, kinds of lymph cells. This study was to figure out whether the cinnamon extract might stop the development of these cancer cells in vitro and if so, how exactly was that achieved.

Research study Outcomes

  1. The cinnamon extract has been observed to effectively lower the rate of proliferation of all 3 types of cancer cells over a time span of 24 hours. This time is understood to be the necessary time for one doubling of the cell population.
  2. The reduction in the cell proliferation is higher if the amount of cinnamon extract is greater
  3. Where the concentration of the cinnamon was greatest, the reduction in cell proliferation compared to the control group was about 50 percent


In a Bar Med research from 2009, it was discovered that the cinnamon oil is extremely effective when it comes to treating growths, cancer malignancies, and stomach cancers.

A research study on cinnamon from 2010 has actually exposed that cinnamon extract activates tumor cell death through inhibition of NFkB and AP1. the extract of cinnamon powerfully hinders different tumor cell developments in vitro and suppressed in vivo cancer malignancy advancement. Cinnamon extract has anti-cancerous homes, moderated by apoptosis induction and clog of NFkB and AP1, so it can trigger advancement of powerful anti-tumor representatives or complementary and alternative medicines for dealing with different cancers.


Numerous believe that the Cancer Tutor offers the most trustworthy, detailed, alternative cancer healing procedures offered on the internet and one of them is the combination of honey and cinnamon, which is an effective dirt inexpensive protocol for phase IV cancers!

Excerpt from the Cancer Tutor:

Honey has been proved to cure cancer when it is integrated with other active ingredients that kill microbes it is much more effective.

In this part of the procedure, there are three more, and all of them consist of honey. Make a mixture that includes a teaspoon of cinnamon and a teaspoon of honey, and take this remedy approximately six times a day. The crucial thing is that the ratio of the components should be 1:1. you can adjust the taste if you want, in the following methods:

  1. You can use honey and turmeric or honey and curcumin, taking it 6 time a day, each day, at the same time with ginger. It has been validated to has anti-tumor results
  2. Honey and ginger, consuming it every other day, up to 6 times daily, you need to consume it at the same time with turmeric. It likewise has anti-tumor impacts
  3. Honey and cinnamon. Consume it every day, and the day-to-day amount must depend upon the client himself.

The treatment made from honey and turmeric and the one made of honey and ginger must be taken in on rotating days.

All these treatments are effective in eliminating microorganisms that trigger cancer which exist inside of the cancer cells.

When it concerns honey you ought to understand that the darker its color, the greater its quality.

It would be for the best if the cinnamon originates from Viet Nam since they have the highest portion of cinnamon oil.

It is crucial to understand that you ought to be extremely well notified prior to you start this treatment.

Note: make sure the honey you use is raw, organic and unfiltered, and the cinnamon you utilize is also organic and non-irradiated.



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