She Is 57 Years Old But Her Feet Look Like A Twenty Year Old Girl, And She Is Doing Only This

In this short article, we are offering you a recipe that will improve the look of your feet and make them appear like the feet of a twenty-year-old.

Not only are broken heels a visual issue, but they can often also be a pain-causing issue. As the cracks grow much deeper, the dirt inside them ends up being infected. This means that the alarm is turned on and you should fix this problem as quickly as possible.


The thickening of the skin on your feet is triggered by dead skin cells. As a result, the flexibility and the blood circulation of the blood are being reduced in these areas. You can remove the thick dead skin utilizing a file or a pumice stone right after you leave the shower or the bath, while your feet are still softened. Do not utilize sharp objects for getting rid of the dead skin from your feet, as you can eliminate too much skin and hence cause an infection.

After the treatment, you ought to take care of your skin and nurture it, as it has to recuperate from the rubbing. To this end, you must use a moisturizer or some natural cream you have actually prepared on your own. We advise the coconut oil, due to the fact that it is among the very best solutions when it pertains to treating skin damages. Apply a little coconut oil on your feet and let it work for a while.

Another thing you can do is prepare a foot bath using lime blossom, rosemary, or olive oil. Not only are all these components natural, however, they also add to the blood flow.

Another thing– do not forget that if you want your feet to be healthy and lovely, you need to look after them on a regular basis.


The skin can become thick and coarse due to pressure, inflammation from wearing high heels or thin shoes, and prolonged standing and this problem can develop into a blister. Blisters normally take place on locations that are under increased pressure or below the joints of the toe.


Corns are the yellow, white, or gray colored, irregularly shaped things that generally take place in the areas at biggest pressure like the little and the huge toe.

Soft corns appear in between the toes. They are generally softer compared with the routine corns due to the fact that the area between the toes is damp.

Here is the recipe that will help you eliminate the corns, the blisters, and the fractures.

Needed Active ingredients:

  • 250 ml of brandy or 70percent medicinal alcohol
  • 300 ml of andol or aspirin


Take the tablets and grind them. They must be completely powdered.

Add the brandy or the alcohol to the powder and let the solution rest for a day or two.


Put the solution in a bottle or some other container and shake the container every night. Take gauze and soak it in the solution, then use it to the afflicted area on the foot. Put a bandage over, a nylon bag on the foot and a sock in the end. Let the treatment work overnight.

The next early morning, wash your foot when you get up using some warm water and after that apply some glycerin or some oily cream for feet.

10 days later, the skin on your feet will look remarkable and the cracks, the corns, and the blisters will become a part of the past. Bear in mind that before applying the treatment, you can clean up the skin on your foot using a heel stone or brush.

This solution also works for treating varicose veins, the only difference being that in this case, you will need to massage the uncomfortable locations with the solution and the discomfort will soon vanish.

This solution is likewise useful for osteochondrosis. You must also massage the uncomfortable locations with the treatment.

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