5 Things You Should Know Before You Buy Honey

Did you understand that 75 percent of the honey sold in the United States markets isn’t genuine? What is sold as honey has actually been customized into the practically unrecognizable item? So, next time you go to purchase honey, think about that.


1. Raw honey consists of bee pollen

So what? Bee pollen isn’t bad at all. Furthermore, it has long been thought about to be one of nature’s most nourishing foods. It is abundant in protein, and it can affect weight loss and enhance the response to allergies.

2. Ultra-filtered or pasteurized honey is not a much better product

Over the previous few years, honey makers attempted to enforce to the consumers the idea that ultra-filtered and pasteurized honey is much better than the unfiltered one, also known as raw. Despite the fact that honey without the pollen and the combs may taste better, however by filtering, all of the sweet, healthy bee pollen is removed.

Furthermore, the procedure of ultra-filtering honey makes the customers unable to track where the honey has actually been made and from exactly what pollen. The picture that the honey you eat is from a clover field beside a coal plant in China for example. You do not like the idea, do not you?

3. Numerous companies are now adding High Fructose Corn Syrup to honey

It was written in the Organics that high fructose corn syrup has actually been linked to obesity, hypertension, obesity and liver damage, and it can trigger plaque buildup and blood vessel constricting. In addition, the high fructose corn syrup is mostly made from GMO corn. So, one way of avoiding GMO foods is preventing honey sweetened with this sweetener.

4. Discovering natural honey is a job

Honey, in general, can not be considered as natural because there are too many non-organic farmers on the honey market. Another thing is that this can not be managed easily since bees typically fly miles away from their hives to discover and gather pollen. Eventually, the USDA has no requirements for natural honey. Even if you do see a honey label that says the honey is organic, you do not require need to think it since it is typically not true.

5. Many supermarket honeys is imported from China

We have actually currently pointed out that by ultra-filtration filtering of honey you become not able to discover where the honey comes from, so we lack needs to rely on the quality and safety of the food originating from China. Back in 2003, Smuckers recalled 12,000 cases of honey and Sara Lee remembered honey-based products from China. The factor was– the honey was contaminated with Chloramphenicol, a compound typically associated with leukemia.

When it pertains to honey, we must admit that vegans may have the ideal idea. Still, if you simulate honey and wish to consume it or you must consume it, ensure you purchase it from regional sources and you know from where precisely it is.

Source: iheartnature


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