5 Reasons Why Intelligent People Can’t Find Happiness

You have actually maybe noticed how smart individuals seem less pleased than others. Even if they have whatever they can want, a fantastic family, effective career, and incredible partner, they still feel lonesome, unfortunate and melancholic.

Why does this happen? Well, primarily due to the fact that they have a different view of the world and have much bigger objectives in life. As a result, they do not get pleased with mediocre things, even if they are something they need to be grateful for.

In this short article, we call 5 reasons that smart people aren’t delighted:

1. Feeling misconstrued and lonely

Smart individuals have a hard time discovering like-minded people and the things and concepts that interest them can’t be shown other people. So, most of the conversations are useless to them, which can be quite dismaying if you feel excited about something no one else comprehends.

2. Their objectives are too huge

Regular individuals long for typical life, while high IQ individuals intend high and choose higher goals. So, the things they have, no matter how fantastic, cannot please them. They have terrific imagination and it prevents them from enjoying the things in their life. They likewise always attempt to be distinct and they live in a different reality than many people.

3. Life is over-analyzed

Smart people over-analyze everything. Believing excessive consumes their energy, and as a result they feel confused and annoyed. Nevertheless, this can be a great advantage in your life. Nevertheless, you understand the stating “Lack of knowledge is bliss”, and ignorant people have the tendency to be much happier than these individuals.

4. They are usually victims of psychological problems

It has actually been proven with lots of studies that high intelligence is associated with psychiatric disorders, for example bipolarity or social stress and anxiety. Nevertheless, this is not the case with all wise people.

Even those who aren’t victims of these disorders are more vulnerable to anxiety. They believe unfathomable about life and take everything seriously, resulting in their sad disposition. Seeking for life’s meaning can result in unhappiness most of the time.

5. They are too tough on themselves

They are extremely judgmental, mainly on themselves. Even their tiniest shortcoming can be a substantial problem for them, which will make them depressed. They do not compare themselves to people in their own league, but to the highest requirements out there.

They likewise continuously advise themselves of their previous mistakes and failures, which can be an actually unpleasant experience.

Source: selectsmarthealth.com

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